Monday, July 27, 2009

Style to Go: Home Solutions by Josh Garskof

I’m currently reading Style to Go: Home Solutions by Josh Garskof.

To share some tips…

Around the house: When you plug a bunch of cords into a power strip, label each one first using a standard office label

Kitchen: Take a cue from restaurants and hang pots and pans from a pot rack, rail or hooks. This solution keeps them stored but readily available

Bedrooms: When bedroom space is tight, consider a sliding closet door, which eliminates the need for a door to swing into the room and take up precious space

Kids’ spaces: Make it easy for kids to store their own toys by giving them each a storage bin labeled with their name or the toys that belong inside.

The book was on sale! Bought it for Php 209.50.


OHMYGUMS said...

great tips! I'm going to apply this at home :) thanks.

thingsilovedoing said...

thanks for dropping by :)