Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Essays.ph: A New Found Home and Career

Essays.ph: A New Found Home and Career

I was preparing for my maternity leave when I stumbled upon the site of Essays.ph. I was looking for an online job while on maternity leave. I still want to earn something while at home learning my role as a mother.

After searching and browsing different forums about online jobs, I finally decided to apply in the first-ever freelance online job in the Philippines that will suit my preferences and needs. October 1, 2010, I registered. After a few days, I submitted my sample essay based on the topic given and my answers to a series of questions. I got accepted and started claiming assignments after almost two weeks of getting acquainted with the company’s manual and training thread.

Someone told me that at Essays.ph, the salary range is very low compared to other online jobs. I even read in one of the most visited online forums, “Ang salary sa Essays.ph, hindi makatarungan.” I looked for reviews about Essays.ph in order for me to know more about the company. I want to make sure if it is a legitimate company and if they are paying their writers on time.  During my research, I found out that there are many online writing jobs that pay around $2 to $3 for an article with 100 words. There are international online writing companies do not pay their writers.

Regardless of all the things I read, I decided to stay with Essays.ph until now. My one and only writing gig. Why? Here are my reasons:
  • It is a home for me. The EPH community is like a family. The management, the rest of the editors and other writers are all friendly. You will be reprimanded if you have committed mistakes. You will be applauded and rewarded if you have been a good performer.
  • It is a new found career for me. I did not imagine being a writer of any sort. I did not love my English subject during my last years in high school for some reasons I do not want to recall. But at the back of my head, I dreamed of seeing my articles to be published in any form of media. Essays.ph made it come true for me. I was one of the first writers of Noypi.ph, a project of the company.
  • Essays.ph is not a scam. Once you have submitted your assignment, you can immediately claim a new set of assignment while your other finished assignments are on queue for review. You will be credited with points depending on the equivalent amount of the set you have taken. You can withdraw your money anytime you want. But most of the writers will wait for their points to get bigger in order to receive bonus points upon withdrawal.

The company has taught me a lot of things. Apart from knowing terms and different topics which I do not have any idea what it is, I learned to be creative. I am able to think how to discuss a combination of strange keywords in 500 words or more.

Essays.ph is part of my life. It is my way of finding time for myself. Once I sit and write, I feel I am free to write what is on my mind especially on the topics I love. Everytime I was given a set wherein I do not know what to write and where to begin, I always treat it as a challenge for me that I am sure I can deal with. 

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