Sunday, June 14, 2009

a certified newbie!

Welcome to my blog!

This is my first time to write a blog. I’m a certified newbie! Yey!

I’m going to share all the things I love, stuffs that make me busy and sometimes earn from it. Everything that will be written here are purely my opinion, points of view, experiences and my beliefs.

To start with, I’ll share with you the members of our family that makes me smile always…our cats! We have a total of 7 cats and two of them are pregnant so we are expecting new members of our family.

for my first post, I will be introducing the cats that make our family smile.

1) Pussy - According to a book I read, her breed is ODD-EYED WHITE. My cousin found her along the street of V.Mapa way back 1998. It was intended to be his cat because he prefers cats and I prefer dogs but Pussy for some reasons preferred to stay in our home :) By the way, there's a connecting staircase between our home and my cousin's that's why our cats can roam around and stay anywhere. We cannot have a dog as well so we opted to have cats instead.

Pussy loves to cuddle, i think all cats do that. She loves to beg for food especially from my mother. She loves to stare at my father as if begging and saying thru her eyes that she has not eaten in years! She loves chicken! that's why whenever we eat out, I always bring home leftovers for our cats, expecially for Pussy. One of the interesting thing about Pussy, she scares the dogs! One of our tennants owns a local dog, Snowbear, who is in medium built. Whenever Snowbear is out of his cage, he will run in front of out compund but, he cannot move forward once Pussy is there.

After 11 long years, she was able to bring in this world her look a like!! and that's Puti.

2) Puti - we lost her actually but we were able to bring her back. I'm so sad when she disappeared because we waited for a look like of Pussy for 11 years. I posted signages of MISSING CAT then will give a reward. It was a birthday gift for me because when I was about to sleep on the night of my birthday, children where banging our gate and yelling that they have the kitten. It was also sad that when I see people reading the signages of the missing cat, they were laughing, smiling, as if telling that it was just a cat! It's just so sad that there are Filipinos who are not fond of taking care of pets.

3) Nanay - one of the stray cats who stayed in our compund. Before, we had Losyang, and other stay cats who stayed in our compund, brought us kittens, sometimes 12 newly born kittens! But Nanay was able to give birth 2 sets already and from the 1st set, Kuya was the only survivor and from the 2nd set, Threesky. Nanay is pregnant!

4) Kuya - of course, he's the eledest from the "kittens". We called him before Muningsky but then one time I called him Kuya, he looked at me, and telling me that he prefers to be called as Kuya.

5) Threesky - Obviously she has three colors. I cried a lot when her brothers died - Dungsy and Bulgy. They were so playful, energetic then one day they became sick. We had termites pest control that time. and we concluded that since they loved to catch cockroaches, they were poisoned. Because the roaches inhaled as well the pesticides. Threesky is the only survivor from her batch. Threesky is the best catcher of mice! She really stays where she knows where the mice will come out. She treated Grey as her little sister.

6) Grey - I adopted Grey. One of the 6 kittens of the cat from AIM. I can say, Grey is so loyal to me. She's like a dog, always following me. For instance, once I woke up, I will proceed to the cr then I will find her waiting outside. When she was younger, she used to try to catch her tail. Now she's pregnant! and she's not even 1 year old!! I think she was born in August in one of the flower pots of the garden.

7) Rusty - technically he's not my cat, he's my cousin's cat but will include him becuase he's part of the entire family. He's the second siamese cat of my cousin. The first one was Sasky, the older brother of Rusty who died last year. Btw, we lost a lot of our cats late last year probably because of the termite pesticides. Rusty loves to jump all over the place of my cousin. My tita even call him a monkey. He's the youngest sibling :) My tita and tito treats him a baby, their companion and entertainer.

I love taking candid pictures of all our cats. Actually once the mother take them out of somewhere, I take pictures of them. It's like an ID because once we had this "impostor kitten" Nanay gave birth- the batch of Kuya, 4 kittens, 2 golden brown and 2 tri-color. One day, one of the golden brown was gone, so we assumed, it's already gone because the kitten must have been stolen. Then after 2 days, i think. Nanay was feeding 4 again! So I rejoiced because the golden brown came back! But...I noticed that somehting is wrong. I took out the pictures and checked! The golden brown is an impostor! Though the impostor is the same size of the rest. The missing golden brown's coat is pure golden brown up to its paws but the impostor, it has white paws, as if wearing gloves. So we let it go, because the poor kitten must be hungry or must be missing her mom as well but the following day, the impostor was gone.

I have so many stories to tell about the characteristics, antics and attitude of our cats. Will write some more about them and will share as well pictures of them.

here's the link of the pictures:

also, should you want to upload and organize your pix, here's the link:

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