Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chocolate molding

One of my talents (naks!) is chocolate molding.

I attended a one day class from the Chocolate Lovers' main office last 2004 or 2005. I became interested in this kind of hobby because I was looking for something to give on Christmas to my friends, officemates and relatives that I can say that I made those stuffs with my own hands and with love.

Actually, I'm fond of doing stuffs/crafts, whatever you call it as my gifts to someone. Will tell more about this sometime. Anyway, will share to you the steps.

To get started. You need the following:
1) double boiler or an improvise will do. Since I started doing this, I always use the stainless ice bucket and stainless bowl.
2) molders (cost about P90 per)
3) tray
4) chopping board (I suggest, you buy a chopping board intended for chocolates only because if you will use the chopping board you are using for your meat, onions, etc. your chocolates might smell like it)
5) spoons
6) knife
7) tray
8) plastic and straw for packaging or whatever packaging you will use
9) kettle with hot water
1) Chop the chocolates into small pieces.
2) fill the stainless steel bucket or your double boiler 3/4 with the newly boiled water.
3) put the stainless steel bowl with the chocolates in it on top of the bucket.
4) Melt the chocolates. make sure not to stir as if you're stirring a soup.
5) fill the molders with the melted chocolates. put the straw.
6) put the molders inside the freezer for a couple of minutes.
7) then remove the chocolates from the molders. let it stand for how many minutes on the tray
8) put inside the plastic or whatever packaging you will use you may add rice crispies, almonds, nuts, etc.

Check this link for some of my molders and finished products

For those who want customized designs, Chocolate lovers is accepting orders. It cost about P10,000 for the design + 20 pieces molders. It will take about 3-4 weeks to get the molders sometimes months because it depends on the season. They guarantee the clients that NO ONE will get your design or they will not sell your design.

Here's the link of the Chocolate lovers

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