Monday, June 29, 2009

Grey just gave birth!

My beloved Grey just gave birth last Saturday, June 27. We have four new kittens.

She gave birth right infront of me!! I was surfing the net then she was screaming at me and then when I looked at her, she is giving birth!

I don't know what to do..she was walking while giving birth. We both went down. My uncle gave her a box where she could continue giving birth and then I put the first born inside the box. Then, after a few minutes, another one came out!

I left her around 4 pm cause I think she's done.

The following morning, I was informed that we have a total of 4 new kittens. She is keeping her kittens near our water dispenser.

Every after meal, she is feeding her kittens. What a wonderful scene to see and her kittens!


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